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Sandbach Striders was born back in 2003. Since the early days, membership has grown with a firm ethos of the club being not just about running but social activities as well. The club is affiliated to UK AAA and has its own qualified coaches. Many other special events take place on various nights too.

The club meets on Wednesdays at 18:30 and Sundays at 09:00 at Elworth Cricket Club.

Whilst many members compete in races from 5k to Marathons, the emphasis remains purely on keeping people motivated and having fun. Why not scan through our race reports to see what we’ve been up to? Having read them, you’re sure to see why Sandbach Striders has developed the motto of being

"No Ordinary Running Club!"

Monday, 19 December 2016

This week's news: 18/12/2016

One could assume that there were some extra curricular activities going on this weekend with the very little running that took place!
That being said, there was a great turnout at the foggy Congleton parkrun, with Heather Carter coming in as first female and personal best times for Lisa Highfield and Jaynie Turner.

Monday, 12 December 2016

This week's news: 12/12/2016

This week saw the brood of titchy Striders growing further. Congratulations to Paul Barnett on the birth of Alexander George.
In other news, Striders did what they did best this week and donned costumes galore for a variety of Christmas themed races.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

This week's news: 05/12/2016

Despite the cold weekend, Striders still got their jangles on and got out and about.
 11 Striders headed to Astbury on a crisp winters morning to take part in the Congleton parkrun. Full results were:

Tony Taylor 19.31
Stephen Mclean 20.59
Andy Bennett 22.18
James Boon 24.36
Lisa Highfield 24.45
Chris Holden 24.57
Tim Woods 25.31
Duncan Robertson 27.19
Paul Nicholls 28.03
Wendy Barnes 28.06
John Wright 34.55
Striders at Congleton parkrun

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

This week's news: 28/11/2016

It was a cold and frosty weekend, but the Striders braved the cold at 6 events over the weekend.

At a very frosty Congleton Parkrun, along with 8 members were 2 of the canine Striders, and a PB for Hannah Gay. Full results were as follows:
Andy Thomas 20:19
Stephen McLean 20:44
Lisa Highfield 24:49
Alice Sharpe 27:36
Paul Nicholls 30:19
Hannah Gay 31:59 (Personal Best)
Julia Dunlop 32:10
John Wright 34:57

Monday, 21 November 2016

This week's news: 21/11/2016

It was a week of firsts for Striders who took part in 3 inaugural events.

On Saturday morning Striders headed out to Astbury Mere for the Congleton parkrun. Full results were:

Tony Taylor 19:31
Andy Thomas 20:14
Heather Carter 20:43
Catherine Winders 25:46
Collette Ellis 33:15
Amy Mayell 35:48

Monday, 14 November 2016

This week's news: 14/11/2016

First of all a huge congratulations to Strider Matt Jones who became a father this week. Titchy Strider Edith Rose was born on Wednesday morning.

On Saturday morning Striders headed out to a wet and cold Astbury Mere for the Congleton parkrun. Full results were:

Rick Kelso-Davies 19:14
Mick Hutchins 21:05
Chris Holden 24:08
Lynsey Astles 25:23
James Boon 26:31
Hannah Birtles 32:06
Julia Dunlop 33:01

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

This week's news: 7/11/2016

It was a week of spookiness and personal bests for Striders.
This week began with Striders going all out to scare the locals of Chester. A dozen or so scary Striders donned Halloween costumes and ran a 10k night run around the city taking in haunted buildings and spooky graveyards stopping for scary stories along the way. Striders recovered by being suitably refreshed in the Brewery Tap, an old medieval hall, and consuming some fine ales. A spookily great night was had by all!

Hannah Gay, Catherine Winders and June Wray at the Halloween Run

Sunday, 30 October 2016

This week's news: 30/10/2016

The Sandbach Striders have had yet another busy week.

Nine Striders at Astbury Mere this Saturday (28th October) morning for the weekly parkrun. Full results were:

Tony Taylor 19:45 (6th overall)
Martin Coleman 19:52 (8th overall)
Stephen McLean 21:35
Lisa Highfield 24:43
Lynsey Astles 25:27
Mick Hutchins 25:27
Catherine Winders 25:51
Paul Nicholls 30:15

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

This week's news: 24/10/2016

Yet again Striders have had a great week, we even managed a 1st place overall.
Six Striders were at Astbury Mere on Saturday morning for the Congleton parkrun . Full results were:
Rick Kelso-Davies 19:42
Tony Taylor 19:46
Heather Carter 20:08
Alice Bober 29:27
Paul Nicholls 30:36
Duncan Robertson 37:08

Monday, 17 October 2016

This week's news: 17/10/2016

The Striders have excelled themselves this week with plenty of personal bests and plenty of miles in the bag.
Seven Striders headed to Astbury Mere on Saturday morning for the Congleton parkrun . Full results were:
Rick Kelso-Davies 19:49
Tony Taylor 20:23
Stephen Mclean 23:13
Lisa Highfield 25:23
Denis Culloty 31:18
Nathan Lee 34:25
John Wright 35:22

Monday, 10 October 2016

This week's news: 10/10/2016

This week saw the birth of two Titchy Striders! Congratulations to Mik Escolme and his wife Mary on the birth of their baby boy, and to Striders’ Rachel Green and Nick Hogan on the birth of their daughter Ivy.
In running news, seven Striders took part in the Congleton parkrun at Astbury Mere, with Andy Thomas and Stephen Mclean pushing each other round to achieve new personal best times. Lisa Highfield also achieved a new PB. Full results were:
Stephen Mclean 19:34
Andy Thomas 19:35
Lisa Highfield 23:50
Andrew Ayres 24:26
Catherine Winders 26:21
Denis Culloty 29:22
Tracey Hale 32:45

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

This week's news: 03/10/2016

Distance running dominated for the club this week but first of all Striders were once again travelling far and wide for their weekly parkrun activity.
Seven Striders took part in the Congleton parkrun at Astbury Mere. Full results were:
Andy Thomas 19:56
Heather Carter 20:02
Stephen Mclean 23:17
Chris Holden 24:28
Rick Kelso Davies 27:49
Denis Culloty 30:38
John Wright 33:16

Denis Culloty, Chris Holden and Stephen Mclean at Congleton parkrun

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

This week's news: 25/09/2016

With other events taking place at Astbury Mere and Delamere, these two local parkruns were cancelled this week. However, keen Striders found alternatives!

This week's news: 18/09/2016

It was a quiet week for Sandbach Striders who took part in 7 parkruns, a 10k and a Half Marathon.
Seven Striders took part in the Congleton parkrun at Astbury Mere, with Mick Hutchins earning himself a new PB for the course and Heather Carter coming in as second lady.  Full results were:

Heather Carter 19:47
Stephen Mclean 20:42
Mick Hutchins 20:52
Rick Kelso-Davies 27:53
Denis Culloty 29:53
John Wright 31:45
Steve Treweeks 36:32

Striders at Congleton parkrun

Monday, 12 September 2016

2016-09-07 Club handicap results

Well done to all finishers of this year's club handicap.

Also, a big congratulations (and apology) to John Wright who should have come second male. Sorry, but it was very dark when I was trying to read the results :-/

Sandbach 10k sponsored by Butcher & Barlow - Race Report

Sandbach 10k sponsored by Butcher & Barlow

The finish line

On a beautiful sunny September Sunday, 136 runners and their families descended on Sandbach for the Sandbach 10k Sponsored by Butcher & Barlow solicitors.

This week's news: 12/09/2016

Wednesday night’s club run saw the 4th of the clubs summer series of events – the Club Handicap, a race which anyone can win. After a review of each member’s best times over the year and some carefully considered calculations, Striders were sent off one by one to run the 11k course with the aim to be the first Strider Home, regardless of where in the order they started.
First lady home was Lucy Lee, followed by June Wray and Jo Askey. First male home was Matt Simister, followed by Kevern Roberts and Steve Treweeks
Lucy Lee at the Club Handicap

Sandbach 10k sponsored by Butcher and Barlow Results

A massive thank you to all the entrants and volunteers from yesterdays event. It was a great day, good weather, and some excellent performances. A full race report will be up soon, but for now the results are available at: https://sandbachstriders.niftyentries.com/Results/Sandbach-10K

Race photos will be available for FREE at http://racephotos.org.uk/ soon.

Monday, 5 September 2016

This week's news: 05/09/2016

Here is a round up of this weeks running activities from Sandbach Striders, involving 6 parkruns, a trail run, an ultra, a 10k and a half marathon.
Six Striders took part in the Congleton parkrun at Astbury Mere, which marked Tony Taylor’s 100th parkrun. Full results were:
Tony Taylor 20.15
Heather Carter 20.15
Mick Hutchins 21.23
Stephen Mclean 22.39
Elaine Wood 28.49
Karen Lovatt 33.35

Striders at Congleton parkrun

Monday, 29 August 2016

This week's news: 29/08/2016

Here is a round up of this weeks running activities from Sandbach Striders.
On Thursday, Lynsey Astles headed to a wet Kingsley to take part in the Mid Cheshire 5k. Evidently not hampered by the weather, Lynsey earned herself a new personal best time of 24.47.
Lysney Astles at Mid Cheshire 5k

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

This week's news: 25/07/2016

After all the running last week, there was very little competitive running this week - Striders were either resting or sunning themselves on a beach somewhere!

On Thursday evening, Paul Nicholls took part in the Staffordshire Moorlands Athletics Club summer series race at Wetton. The race is 5.5miles and has 990 feet of climb. Paul did the club proud by stopping and walking with a fallen runner resulting in him taking last place, but with his head held high.

Monday, 18 July 2016

This week's news: 18/07/2016

Sandbach Striders meet on a Wednesday at Elworth Cricket Club. This week, instead of the usual pacing groups heading up along the Salt Line, it was the 3rd of the 4 Summer Series events – The Predictathon. All runners had to do was predict the time they would complete the 10k course in and for some it was easier that others. In fact, this year, there was a new club record set as David Sharpe finished within a second of his predicted time! It was the first time 2 Striders Kathryn Reed and Deb Barratt had ever ran a 10k but came in over 7 minutes quicker than they predicted earning themselves a wooden spoon each.
Full results were:
Male: David Sharpe 1 sec
Rick Kelso-Davies 7 secs
John Wright 8 secs

Female: Louise Lewis 11 secs
Jenny Hoyle 14 sec
Helen Child 21 sec

David Sharpe at the Predictathon
It may have been noted from previous reports that there are more opportunities to race on weekday evenings due to the lighter summer nights. This week, three Striders headed to Biddulph Grange to take part in the Staffordshire Moorlands Athletic Club Summer Series 5 mile race. Results were:
Darren Varley 29.19
Heather Carter 32.01
Paul Nicholls 42.36
Heather Carter, Darren Varley and Paul Nicholls at Biddulph Grange
It was an unusually quiet weekend for parkrun activity. Only four Striders were in action in the damp and humid Congleton parkrun. Results were:
Tony Taylor 20.11
Andy Thomas 20.22
Heather Carter 28.30
Amy Norman 28.40
Amy Norman at Congleton parkrun

Chairman Mik Escolme was in action in Hanley parkrun finishing in 46.46.

Mik Escolme and Mary Chadwick at Hanley parkrun

Paul Barnett was in Liverpool for the Croxteth parkrun finishing in 20.50

Paul Barnett with runners from Liverpool Running Club at Croxteth parkrun
Duncan Robertson found himself on the south coast for the Hove Promenade parkrun, completing the course in 26.09.

Duncan Robertson at Hove Promenade parkrun

Paul Nicholls took part in the Gloucester North parkrun and finished in 29:39.

Paul Nicholls at Gloucester North parkrun

Jenny Hoyle took part a hilly 10k race in Pendle on Saturday which was part of their Festival of Running. Jenny finished in 1.07.

Jenny Hoyle at the Pendle 10k
Lynsey Astles took part in her first trail half marathon with Lou Hayward and with support from Jason Bulley who undertook the full marathon distance. The Piece of Cake race begins in Church Stretton and takes in 13.1 miles of the beautiful Shropshire Hills and The Long Mynd. Lynsey and Lou both finished in around 3.06.55 and Jason in 5.48.

Lou Hayward, Jason Bulley and Lynsey Astles at Piece of Cake Trail Half
Four Striders took part in the Rab Mini Marathon around Grasmere, a fell running & navigation event where the idea is to visit as many control points as possible within the 4 hour time limit. Each control point has a score, and generally the ones which are further away and more difficult to get at are worth more points. If you finish late, penalty points will be deducted. Result are as follows: Chris brumby came 5th with 179 points and Gordon Hutchins came 12th with 140 points in MV50. Jill Bunby and Cheryl Hutchins ran as a team and came 3rd in FV50 with 140 points.

Jill and Chris Bumby and Cheryl and Gordon Hutchins at Rab Mini Marathon
Jan Peake was in in Delamere for the Delamere Commando Trail, a 10K run is set in the forest park. This 10K course runs through multi-terrain and varying underfoot conditions and along the way, there were challenges such as sandbags to carry and camouflage nets to crawl under. Jan finished in 1.20.
Jan Peake (Centre) at the Delamere Commando Trail
Craig Edwards & Fran Gilchrist were in action in the Wenlock Olympic Walk, a 100 kilometre challenge walk, with an option to run, organised in conjunction with the Wenlock Olympian Society who inaugurated the Wenlock Olympian Games in 1850. The event is over demanding rural countryside and moorland in the Shropshire Hills to the west of Much Wenlock. The guys finished in 21hours, 52 minutes.

Craig Edwards & Fran Gilchrist at Wenlock Olympic Walk
Sunday was the day of the Cheshire Half Marathon at Arley. There were 6 Striders taking part in this fast and flat race around the Cheshire countryside. There was a personal best by a whopping 9 minutes for Katie Payne and PB’s for John, James and Lindsey. Full results were:
John Pemberton 1.29.45
John Wright 1.40.55
Lindsey Beeston 1.43.54
James Boon 1.47.51
Matt Simister 1.54.34
Kate Payne 2.08.40

John Wright, James Boon, Lindsey Beeston and John Pemberton at Arley Half
Katie Payne with her daughter at Arley Half

Moe Dutton wain action at the Womens Running Series 5k in Sefton Park, Liverpool. Moe finished this charity race in 24.49.
Moe Dutton at Womens Running Series 5k

Sandbach Striders are a friendly and encouraging running club that welcome new members of all abilities.


Saturday, 16 July 2016

Race Report: Lyke Wake Challenge 09/07/2016

So why do an ultra-marathon on the opposite side of the country that most people haven’t even heard of? I blame beer and Craig Edwards! We were sat in the bar on the eve on my first ever ultra-marathon (Dig Deep Intro Ultra) listening to runner extraordinaire Shelli Gordon talking about her many amazing achievements and she mentioned the Lyke Wake Challenge. I had heard my mum talking about walking the Lyke Wake route which she had done as a 24-hour challenge many years previously. I therefore decided that it was a race I had to do.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Predictathon 2016 - Results and photos

A big congratulations to all 36 finishers of this year's club predictathon!

We had  new club predictathon record tonight set by David Sharp of 1 second! Big congratulations also to Kathryn and Deb who completed their first ever 10k run!
2016 Champion Predictor - David!
The full results were:

Monday, 11 July 2016

This week's news: 10/7/2016

Racing this week began with Lynsey Astles and Clare Dalton heading to Alderley Edge on Thursday evening for the Wizard 5, a 5 mile road races on tracks and paths around Alderley Edge. Lynsey finished in 46:45 and Clare in 48:52.
Lynsey Astles and Clare Dalton at the Wizard 5

This week's News: 3/07/2016

Racing got underway early this week with 6 Striders taking part in one of South Cheshire Harrier’s 5K Summer Series events at Queens Park. Darren Varley finished in 8th place. Full results were:

Darren Varley 18.00
Andy Thomas 20.12
Heather Carter 20.18
Tom Mayall 21.21
Catherine Winders 25.55
Karen Wright 32.04

Striders a Queens Park 5k

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

This week's news: 27/06/2016

This weeks events by the Striders includes a 100 mile and a 5k charity run, 7 different parkruns, as well as good results at a great local 10k event.

On Thursday evening, Lynsey Astles, and Lindsay Beech took part in the r100 charity 24 hour 100 miler relay event, with some of their work colleagues. It is a charity event with proceeds going to Petty Pool Trust, Francis House Hospice. Lynsay and Lindsay completed a 10 mile stage of the event along canals, on off road sections and using head torches. Their team has so far collected over £12,600 so far.

Lindsay Beech and Lynsey Astles at the r100 Event

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

This week's news: 20/06/2016

This weeks competitive races started with the 2nd of the clubs own race series.  Club members ran the official Sandbach 10k route around Bradwall, and it was certainly competitive!  It was also an opportunity for the recent graduates of the couch to 5k to try their hand (or legs) at a longer distance.

The first three men and first three ladies at the Club 10k

The first three men were:

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

2016 Club 10k Results

A big well done to all 46 finishers of tonight's Club 10k. 

There were lots of good results, some personal bests and some people running their very first ever 10k!

Darren Varley
Claire Dalton
Martin Gunther
Katie Payne
John Pemberton
Denise Dowling
Martin Coleman
Lou Hayward
Steve Barton
Philip Truman
Heather Carter
Jenny Hoyle
Steve Farnell
Louise Lewis
Paul Barnett
Amy Norman
Steve Treweeks
Elaine Wood
Steve Fallows
June Wray
Terry Coppenhall
Lindsay Beech
Kev Roberts
Tracey Hale
Scott Portman
Jenny Timpson
Jane Pyatt
Catherine Winders
Simon Dawber
Julia Dunlop
James Boon
Tracey Surridge
David Sharp
Grant Stanning
Alice Bober
Paul Nicholls
Matt Bolton
Karen Lovatt
Jo Bulley
Lucy Clark
Lucy Lee
Angela Dale
Helen Child
Praksha Swinnerton
Emily Cox

Chris Holden
Jo Askey

Matt Jones