So once again it was time for the fabled mad dogs to be let loose on the sandy plain of Southport by the Knights of the Round Table. I attended the inaugural run last year and enjoyed it so much I was dead set on running it again this year. Perry Wyatt also signed up so we travelled over together in his car.

Perry wasn’t feeling 100% and couldn’t get warm, so we got a cup of tea, got our t-shirts and had a brief look around before getting ready for the run itself.
Once again the event was a well organised, well marshalled 10K around the Southport seafront. Weather was kinder this year, and a keen pack of mad dogs lapped up a wind-free course. The facilities at the start/finish were ample for the numbers, and aside from a 5 minute delay due to the road closures being slightly late (happy to be delayed rather than run over personally) a hitch free event. Perry and I started together having already agreed to run our own races and I found myself alone shortly after the 2K marker. I was running a brisk pace and focused on runners in front of me to keep on track and after a tough run crossed the line inside my previous personal best. I collected my goody bag and a banana and doubled back in time to cheer Perry on as he turned into the school drive and crossed the finish line. We walked back to the car and got some warm clothes on and headed back for another cuppa. Ah, life in the fast lane.
The goody bag contained another excellent medal, an energy drink and a bottle of Gatorade, several grain bars, a mini shower gel, a toothpaste sample and a bunch of other bits and pieces, which (along with a great technical t-shirt) makes the event excellent value too.

Loved it, and will definitely do it again, and again, and again…
Well done Southport Round Table
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